I’m proof. Actual living proof. Reassurance to all that nerds and geeks alike can find love in this utterly grim world. I found the lovely Maria through a dating website back in mid 2018, and I’ve never been happier than I am now… because it couldn’t be possible!

Like any other relationship, you have to keep that spark lit and the flame continuously burning. So, finding someone that is perfect for you seems impossible (that’s how I felt anyway). Luckily, I found someone that was the perfect fit, with similar interests and many factors that we had in common. One of those common aspects was the fact that we both enjoyed videogames. Yes! I have a gamer girlfriend! It’s such a rarity – especially in Wrexham. So, here I shall explain the advantages of having a gamer girlfriend.

1. Compatibility

This is the key element to ANY relationship, let alone a geeky gamer type one. To know that you’re both compatible for each other, it puts your initial doubts at ease, and you can gain back some confidence where you’re less of a nervous wreck.

A gaming couple being compatible is such a joy, because we can go on games all day long and not get bored. We get frustrated, but that’s Crash Bandicoot for you. Heck, I’m a console gamer and she’s originally a PC gamer, and we’re still compatible. No arguments over which one is better… not yet anyway!

2. Points Of Interest

To know that you’re both compatible also means that you have things that take your interest. For example, Maria and I could talk about the pros and cons of gaming for hours or which takeaway food we prefer. There are no awkward silences. Each of us have our own opinions, which we eagerly debate and cheerfully talk through, and that naturally leads to conversations where we learn new things about one another.

3. Social Circle

When gaining the wondrous joy of having a gamer girlfriend, there comes a time in which this will expand the social circle you both have. So believe me, this is a very very good advantage to have.

The expansion of the social circle means you have more individuals that share one or more of the interests you have. You feel acceptance when gaining the approval of new friends. Therefore, more sociable activities can be added towards many future plans, resulting in a relationship which has variety. Because boredom sucks!

4. Improvement On Health

Now I have to admit, I wasn’t in the best of places when I first got acquainted with Maria. A very dark place, which I won’t get into detail about. I just felt empty.

But I had this gut feeling, a gut feeling I still have to this day (no, it’s not indigestion!). The gut feeling that she IS the one; that missing part. Throughout our chats, I began to get happier and happier, smiling more in one day than I ever had in my life. Then I found out she liked similar things to me and that included gaming. I instantly thought “Wow! She’s quite a bit like me… she’s not going to judge me for liking all this stuff“. The depression vanished shortly after, my mood gradually gaining that vigor it so rightly deserved. I felt better… she made me better.

5. Lack Of Boredom

This piece might be short, but I have to put it in, otherwise it’ll bug me. There’s NO boredom.

Whenever I see her, or even talk to her, I never get the sense of boredom like I have had with previous partners. It’s a joy. With a gamer girlfriend, there’s a quirkiness to which cancels out the boredom, so it feels fresh every time. Even if we do the usual stuff… I never get bored.

6. Co-op Buddies

I can’t believe I left this until point six, because it’s naturally part of a gaming couple; the ability to play together. (Take that how you will….)

I’m not a big fan of Call Of Duty, but I’ll gladly play the multiplayer to pass the time. But I need someone to play with. Coincidentally, we both have a PS4, so we play together on CoD as much as we can. It was a new experience for me when we first started doing it, but it does feel good when we have that one hour or so playing together on games. It benefits both as you feel relaxed and open towards each other.

7. Motivation

One of the big ones. I can’t express this enough; the motivation I’ve gained since being with Maria is surreal.

Most of the stuff I have recently done, I really don’t think I would’ve done it if it hadn’t have been for Maria. Like this blog. You may think that there’s no difference in motivation whether the partner is a gamer or not, but here’s my point. With a gamer girlfriend, it’s an understood motivation to which gives you that drive neccesary to do something, with that little bit extra push. She gives me that faith I need to do things I’ve held off for a while.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope I have given a little bit of insight into my thoughts. Feel free to comment if there’s points you think I’m missing.

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